The fear that if you go to the surgeon you will be advised surgery, prevents many people form seeking right opinion and prolonging their disease and suffering.

In today's ADVANCED SCIENTIFIC AGE surgery is the last option, there are effective NONSURGICAL TREATMENTS available in the form of LASERS, MESOTHERAPY, SKIN GLUE and many more. The effectivity on you can only be decided by your doctor on consultation.

IF YOU HAVE BEEN SUFFERING FROM PILES,FISSURE, NAIL INGROWTH, CYSTS, EARLOBES NEEDING REPAIR and anything you have been postponing, let now be the time to get an expert opinion.


» Laproscopic Surgery

» Intestinal Disease

» Breast & Thyroid Cancer

» Tumour

» Stone

» Hernia


Itching, burning, pain in anal area and bleeding on passing stools are the warning of piles.

They increase with age and they might have started in pregnancy but without treatment they are not going to be relieved.


» Medicines

» Sclerotherapy

» Laser

» Barron's Rubber Banding

» Cyrotherapy

» Infra Red Coagulation

The treatment regimen is decided based on severity of symptoms.


Piles Details

  • Causes and Types

  • Features

  • Diagnosis and Investigations

  • Treatment Options

  • Out Patient Procedures

  • Surgery

  • Minimally Invasive

  • Conclusion

  • Our Team

    Dr. Manish Agarwal
    M.B.B.S (MAMC)
    M.S. LHMC (Surgery)

    Associate Director Max Super Speciality Hospital

    Laparoscopic, Robotics, Laser & General Surgeon

    Dr. Shehla Agarwal
    M.B.B.S (MAMC)
    M.D. (Dermatology)

    Skin Specialist

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